About Us

Luis and Huguette Carrasco are working with the Iglesia de Cristo in Highland Oaks on full-time basis. They have a newly born baby named Naomi. Luis and Huguette are part of Genesis Alliance through the proyect Metro 100 as disciplemakers.




Luis also works in full-time basis as a coordinator of ministries at the Iglesia de Cristo in Highland Oaks. He is part of the preaching team, and he gives Bible classes to the adults. He works with the youth. He   prepares curriculums for the different classes and small groups.

After graduating from Sunset International Bible Institue, they first moved to Irving, Texas where they were going to be establishing house churches, reaching and discipling individuals and families within the community, and helping these new churches to thrive and grow. While in Irving, they had part of the financial support from the Iglesia de Cristo in Highland Oaks, and God opened the door for them to first experience what it is to work with an already established congregation, so they moved to Dallas close to Garland to work alongside the minister Sixto Rivera. They will make their first year with the church on October the 1st, 2017, and they have been working with Genesis Alliance since the end of May 2016.

This is an exciting time for Luis and Huguette along with their baby Naomi as they follow the calling to make disciples, putting into practice what they have learned through their training and education. It is a great work that will give them experience that will prepare them for overseas church planting in the future.

Luis is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Linguistics at the University of Texas at Arlington, while sharing the Gospel on a full-time basis. One of his life goals is to become a Bible Translator. Huguette has a B.A. in Industrial Engineering from the Tecnologico of Chihuahua. One of Huguette’s life goals is to support Luis and to be an encouragement to the different families and women they encounter in their ministry to mature in their walk with Christ.

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